What is the New Zionist Journal?

If you’re reading this, then you have likely realized that we have once again entered a new phase of the re-telling of the Zionist story- one where Jews are secure about Israel on a level never before seen, and one where Jews have begun to debate the very need for Israel because of the safety it has provided us. You are here because you care about Israel’s future and realize its future depends on incorporating this new era into its ever evolving story.

So join us in doing what our elders have done before and rise up to take our turn in the path of the ancient Maccabees and meet the darkness with abundant light. This substack is a place for the New Zionist theory to begin to form, shaped by all.

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We are here to provide a space for new Zionists to discuss and learn from one another. We are here to provide you with a platform to express your ideas and discover new ones. We are here to publish and highlight an abundance of essays, poems, and other things to help form the New Zionist cause, and discuss the theory behind it.

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If you have an essay you would be interested in publishing, please email them to newzionists@gmail.com as a Word Document attachment with the subject line “<your first and last name> Journal Submission”.

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For every Jew who has lit a candle in darkness, we are here to build a bonfire.


Welcome to the New Zionist Congress. In the name of every Jew who has lit a candle in the darkness, we are here to build a bonfire.
for love of country