A Short Love Letter To The Depths of My Soul

Photo via Levi Meir Clancy

Jerusalem Sunsets filled with speckles of pink and gold

Shoving my way through the Shuk to buy food for shabbos kodesh

Dividing up my Friday Tzedakah on my way home from town

The bagel man at Jaffa Gate

Dark Rooms lit by fire and filled with the quiet humm of zemirot

Breslovers moshing at HaTachana HaMerkazit

Alleyways in the old city… yearning to hold hands

The pat on the back from an old chassidish women women while crying into the kotel

The rooftop of Aish and love poems

When I am asked of proof of GD I want to show anyone my soul in Jerusalem

Every 6ft is a mitzvah

Old limestone seeping into my bones and finding the cracks in my neshama

If I forget you oh Jerusalem

I forget Emunah: Faith

Ohr Ein Sof

Jerusalem and the creator

Are unending light

The happy marriage of Aish and Ohr

And how can a soul be unfulfilled in a city full of light and fire

By Olivia Sher